Šifra: S-58-58

Brand: ROD suveniri

The sculptures are 10 cm high.

Made of plaster-filled slices, hand-cast, painted and patinated.

Each has an author logo, a ROD trademark and an original package with a description in two languages.

The sculptures are protected by the Intellectual Property Office.

19,49 USD




Stribog is one of the supreme gods of ancient Slavs. According to the legend, he was born from the sparks that occured when Svarog, the heavenly smith, hit the Alatir stone and from the wind he made with each swing of his hammer.


That’s why Stribog is the god of winds, storms, good and bad weather. He controls weather, bringing cold or mild winds to the Slavs that worked on their fields, bringing health to people, animals and fields.

He is usually described as an old man with white hair and long beard, with a golden bow in his hand. Sometimes he had a hunter’s horn. He would use this horn to wake the winds, his grandchildren. Stribog lives far away from the other gods, at the very end of Prav, but being the wind, he quickly reaches everywhere, especially if he is needed on the battlefield. He is brave and fearless warrior, along with Perun and Simargl in Svarog’s service. Nothing and no one can defend against its force. This is why many military leaders identify with Stribog and make him their idol. Many princess would also build his idols and worship them. Stribog would walk around the battlefield to relieve with his breath the last living moments of the heroes that soaked the Slavic ground with their blood.

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