Šifra: S-58-127

Brand: ROD suveniri

Height is 8cm.

Made of plaster-filled slices, hand-cast, painted and patinated.

Each has an author logo, a ROD trademark and an original package with a description in two languages.

The sculptures are protected by the Intellectual Property Office.

13,49 USD


Under these names, a disreputable old man with a fur cloak, who lives behind or under the hearth and takes care of the house and livestock, is conceived. Sometimes imagined in the form of a dog, bear or snake. If some care is not given to this home guard, he or she leaves the house and causes livestock disease or death of the host.


He could be transformed into different animals, most notably a cat, a dog and a cow, and less often a snake and a frog. He usually lives in the house, in the corner behind the stove, in the attic or in the yard. He cares about the well-being of the house, especially the livestock, which is why he is associated with the god Veles. His wife, named Domovika, resides in the basement. Domovoy's voice is often heard in the house, but it is dangerous for the household to see it. It indicates various signs of adversity or death.

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