Šifra: E-28-193

Brand: Srpska Tradicija Šeli

Author:Bogorodica / mother of god

An original handmade icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary. All metal parts of this Slavic icon are gilded with 24-carat gold, which is the finest and purest gilding on the market, and silver-plated with 925 fineness silver.


The icon was made using a combined technique modeled on medieval icons, which were bound, except for the face, with filigree processed metal. Filigree is one of the most beautiful metalworking techniques. Beautiful jewelry as well as decorative items have been made with this technique over the centuries.


Serbs have always especially glorified the Blessed Virgin Mary, so you can always add her icon to the wall next to the saint you celebrate. The icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary can always be a universal gift for every Orthodox home!

44,49 USD


  • Original handwork
  • Contains the certificate "Serbian Tradition - Shelly"
  • The icon is made using the laminated technique
  • The halo is made of metal that is gilded with 24 carat gold
  • Dimensions: 14.5x16 cm
  • The icons are not sanctified!


According to Christianity, the icon should be kept on the east wall of the house!


The Mother of God, more rarely Saint Bogomati and Saint Virgin Mary, originally Mary or Mary of Nazareth, in Galilee, according to Christian belief, is the mother of Jesus Christ. It is assumed that she was born on September 21, 20 BC, to Joachim and Anna. At the time of Jesus' conception, she was a virgin, married to Joseph of the house of David. According to Christian tradition, the child was conceived by the Holy Spirit and Mary remained a virgin even after giving birth.


Serbs have always been great devotees of the Blessed Virgin Mary and have always prayed to her for help in difficult times and for protection. Santa Maria is known for being the protector of Serbia and the Serbian people.


The great feasts of the Mother of God are:


Nativity/Little Lady, September 8/September 21

Introduction - November 21/December 4

Annunciation - March 25/April 7

Meeting - February 2/February 15

Assumption/Velika Gospojina- August 15/ August 28


In addition to them, holidays related to the life of the Blessed Virgin are also celebrated:


Assembly of the Blessed Virgin Mary, December 26/January 8

Shroud of the Blessed Virgin Mary, October 1/October 14

Belt laying, August 31/September 13

Laying of rice, July 2/July 15


Note: Dates according to the Julian calendar are highlighted first, and then according to the Gregorian calendar


The Mother of God is one of the names given to her in Christianity. The name of the Virgin began to be officially used only after the Third Ecumenical Council, which was preceded by numerous discussions. The Patriarch of Constantinople, Nestorius, opposed the introduction of the new name "Virgin" for Mary, the mother of Jesus, and instead proposed the name "Mother of Christ", believing that it included the humanity of Christ. Nevertheless, the name "The Virgin" was adopted, and Nestorius and his like-minded followers were declared heretics.

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