Mug Knez Lazar 0.5l

Šifra: S-120-2

Brand: Stari Srpski Zanati

Author:Knez Lazar

Mug with the motif of Knez Lazar.

The volume is 0.5l.

Material: terracotta (type of ceramic)

15,99 USD13,49 USD
Akcija traje od 16.05.2022. 12:00 do 20.05.2022. 12:00


Lazar Hrebeljanović (1329 - 1389) was a Serbian prince and regional lord from the 14th century with the capital in Kruševac.


In the conflict between King Vukašin and Emperor Uroš in 1369, he remained loyal to the Emperor. After the death of Uroš and the disintegration of the Serbian Empire, he became a vassal of the Hungarian King Louis the Great. [1] In 1373, together with the Bosnian king Tvrtko, he attacked and divided the state of Nikola Altomanović, after which he became one of the most powerful Serbian nobles.


In 1375, Lazar Hrebeljanović ended the church schism with Constantinople from the time of Emperor Dušan, and gained recognition for the Serbian church from Byzantium. [2] He reached an agreement with the Patriarchate of Constantinople, renouncing the right of Serbs to the imperial title, and in return, Byzantium recognized the Serbian Patriarchate. [3] In 1378, the church expressed strong support for the nobleman Lazar Hrebeljanović and crowned him prince. [4]


Prince Lazar successfully repulsed several Ottoman incursions into Serbia during the 1380s. He died in the battle of Kosovo in 1389. After the battle, there was a dynastic struggle for supremacy between his son-in-law Vuk, who continued to fight against the Turks, and his widow Milica and underage son Stefan, who sided with the Turks and made Serbia a vassal.


In folk epics, he became one of the leading figures of the Kosovo cult. The Serbian Orthodox Church celebrates him as Holy Emperor Lazarus.

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