Šifra: E-28-9

Brand: Srpska Tradicija Šeli

Author:Sveti Nikola / Sv. Nikola / Saint Nicholas / St. N

Handmade triptych of St. Nicholas with angels in the left and right wings. The metal parts are ennobled with 24-carat gilding (the finest and highest quality gilding on the market), as well as 925 fine silver plating. The icon is additionally decorated with zircons, in order to draw even more attention to this original triptych.


The back of the triptych also has a handle/stand so you can easily position it anytime, anywhere. And since the triptych comes in a luxurious package, it is an excellent gift for any Orthodox home.

226,49 USD


  • Triptych of Saint Nicholas
  • The icon is on the board
  • Dimensions: 17 x 22 cm
  • Original handwork
  • Contains the "Serbian Tradition - Shelly" certificate
  • Triptych comes in luxurious packaging
  • The icon was made using a combined technique modeled on medieval icons that were forged with filigree processed metal, except for the face.
  • The metal is refined with 24 carat gold plating, 925 silver


Saint Nicholas, also known in Christianity as Nicholas of Myrlik, Nicholas the Wonderworker. In Christianity, he is revered as a miracle worker, in Eastern Christianity also as a protector of travelers, prisoners and the poor, and in Western Christianity as a protector of almost all classes of society, but especially children.


He is often depicted with a miter on his head, a symbol of his episcopate.


In the Serbian Orthodox Church, Saint Nicholas is celebrated on May 22 (9) (transfer of relics), December 19 (6) (death day).


According to the weekly circle of worship in the Orthodox Church, Thursday is dedicated to St. Nicholas, as well as to the Holy Apostles


Nicholas Day is the most common celebration of baptism among Serbs. Research has shown that of all Serbs who celebrate, 30% of them celebrate this day. According to one data from 1939, in Belgrade, with Zemun and Pančevo, there were 73,605 candlelighters, from which it was concluded that "it is true that half of Belgrade celebrates St. Nicholas".

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