Šifra: S-180-6


We present to you a chic šajkača, an authentic Serbian traditional cap that exudes charm and originality. This beautiful cap is handmade, giving you an authentic piece of Serbian cultural heritage.


With a chic sajkača, you can add a special element of Serbian tradition and style to your wardrobe. Whether you wear it as a fashion accessory for special occasions or as an authentic souvenir, the chic sajkacha will delight you with its beauty and the story it carries.

25,49 USD


  • Each chic sajkača is carefully made by hand, choosing the highest quality materials and a detailed manufacturing process. This guarantees the authenticity and high quality of the product.
  • The chic of šajkača is a symbol of Serbian tradition and represents a unique cultural value
  • Authentic Serbian traditional cap made of various materials, different colors and designs
  • An excellent gift for all those who value tradition
  • Chic shoes stood out as a unique souvenir at the tourism fair held in Belgrade, recognized as one of the best souvenirs
  • This chic shoe contains a combination of the colors of the flag of Serbia
  • Red, blue and white colors combined with traditional ethnic motifs
  • A modern, yet traditional Serbian cap

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