Serbian folk costume for kids - girls

Šifra: S-178-63

Brand: KIRI

Handmade serbian folk costume. Costumes have an important historical role because they represent a symbol of ethnic identity. They have great cultural and aesthetic value. Teach your kids the Serban tradition!

342,99 USD


Folk costume contains:

  • Handmade leather opanak, padded
  • Socks hand-knitted and hand-embroidered
  • Skirt hand woven and pleated
  • Belt hand-woven on a loom
  • Apron richly hand embroidered
  • Vest richly hand-embroidered gold embroidery
  • Sleeve bows


You can get the whole set according to your kid's measurements!


Immediately after ordering, send an email to with the following measures:


  1. Height
  2. Waist size
  3. Length from shoulder to knee
  4. Arm length
  5. Shoe number

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