Šifra: S-29-438

Brand: Stari Srpski Zanati

Make your ceremony sparkle with our beautiful embroidered wedding and baptism cloth! Our magical fabric, made of the finest Serbian linen, carries within it a rich tradition and spirit of monastic craftsmanship. What makes this canvas special is the refined embroidery that adorns the colorful, floral motifs. Its simplicity is irresistibly beautiful and adds to the solemnity of the moment.


Whether you use it as an altar cover during a wedding or as part of a baptism ceremony, this cloth will add a special touch of elegance and spirituality to your event. Not only will this canvas beautify your special day, but it will also remain as a treasured memory to cherish for years to come.

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  • Quality Materials: Made of high quality Serbian linen, this linen is durable and long lasting.
  • Dimensions: With large dimensions of 185x43cm, this canvas provides enough space for various purposes during weddings and baptisms.
  • It was made carefully and with love in the monastery workshop, which preserves the tradition and authenticity of the product.
  • Universal use: You can use it as an altar cover during weddings, baptisms or as part of the decoration for special events.
  • A lasting memory: It will become a precious memento of your special day and you will be able to keep it as a memory for years.
  • Ideal gift: This embroidered canvas is the perfect gift for weddings and baptisms, which will bring joy and spiritual closeness to any couple or family.
  • Rich Serbian tradition: Through every embroidery on the canvas, you will feel the presence of rich Serbian culture and heritage.
  • Manufacturer: Žiča Monastery



  • Colorful embroidery: The embroidery on the canvas is colorful, floral and elegant, adding to the aesthetic beauty of the product.
  • Symbolism: This canvas carries deep symbolism and spiritual meaning, connecting you to the rich Serbian tradition.
  • Elegance and Spirituality: Adds a special touch of elegance and spirituality to your ceremony.

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