Šifra: C-3-92

Brand: Pertini

Welcome to the world of fun and learning English with our board game! This innovative game is designed to help you learn English in an easy and fun way. With the help of a map of Great Britain and illustrated cards, explore the country, learn about its main features and improve your language skills.


The main focus of this board game is to encourage you to actively learn and apply the language in practical situations.

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  • The set contains: 6 figurines, 1 die and 48 tokens.
  • Dimensions: 30x30x7 cm.
  • Age: 5-12 years
  • Composition: cardboard, PVC


The 58x58cm map of Great Britain gives you a visual representation of this fascinating country and its most famous landmarks. From the stone circles of Stonehenge to the famous Big Ben, the map will help you gain a deeper understanding of the culture, geography and history of Great Britain.


Along with the map, the game contains 220 illustrated cards that are a key part of learning English. Each card has a word or sentence in English, a translation into Serbian and pronunciation. This three-pronged approach allows you to practice reading, understanding and pronouncing English words and phrases in an interactive way. With a large number of cards, you have a wide range of words and sentences to learn, adapted to different levels of language skills.


Our board game for learning English is ideal for all ages, from beginners to advanced language learners. By playing this game, you develop vocabulary, improve pronunciation, practice grammar and gain confidence in using the English language. Learning becomes fun because it takes place through interactive and social activities.


Join us in discovering the magical world of the English language through our board game. We are ready to take you through an unforgettable experience of learning and fun!

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