Šifra: S-120-17

Brand: Stari Srpski Zanati

Mug with the motif of Djuradj Brankovic

Volume: 0.5l.


Material: terracotta (type of ceramic)

13,99 USD6,99 USD
Akcija traje od 15.09.2023. 09:01 do 15.10.2023. 09:00


Djuradj Vukovic Brankovic (born 1377), also known as Djuradj Smederevac, was a Serbian despot, the second son of Vuk Brankovic and Mara, the daughter of Prince Lazar. He was named after a saint (George of Cappadocia), as was his grandson George Brankovic, although they did not have the same surname, but one Vukovic and the other Stefanovic were named after their fathers. From the time of Mavro Orbini (1601), history calls their family the Brankovics.



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