Serbia football jersey, Qatar 2022,red,Puma,home

Šifra: F-36-41

Brand: Reprezentacija Srbije - PUMA

The newest jersey of the national Serbian football team! Support our football players and feel like you are on the field! Feel the eagle on your chest and be part of the winning spirit! Qatar is calling...


The jersey you will wear together with our eagles is filled with many traditional symbols. The gold details on the sleeves and collar are in honor of the golden generation of Orlić who won the world championship in New Zealand in 2015. Some other symbols are lilies, white double-headed eagle, red shield, glasses...

92,99 USD


  • Official jersey of the football team of Serbia, Qatar 2022.
  • Original Puma jersey
  • Red color with golden accessories
  • Sign of the eagle on the chest
  • Available sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • The sizes in the table are European, the dimensions are in centimeters


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