TESLA - Miloš Crnjanski

Šifra: B-85-1


Author:Nikola Tesla

The book in which Miloš Crnjanski described Tesla's life. How he turns from a happy, young and ambitious scientist, a handsome and beautiful young man, into a mysterious person who lives in solitude. A man who came to America and became one of the most famous and successful physicists in the world, whose scientific works were published in all magazines and newspapers, ends up selling his poems for the smallest amount of money. What is the secret of Tesla's life?

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  • Category: HOME CLASSICS
  • Author: Miloš Crnjanski
  • Letter: Cyrillic
  • Connection: Brooch
  • Year: 2021
  • Format: 20x14
  • Page: 108


"That drama has been in my head since 1952. Nikola Tesla did not exist as a single person. He was first Tesla who is happy and who came to America young and extraordinarily beautiful. He was in shoes when he was a worker in Pittsburgh... But even as such, he lectured at universities with great success. Magazines were full - and the whole of America was simply buzzing - with his interviews and scientific essays... Later, he withdrew so much that he began to live completely alone. He became an enigma, a secret! It was the second Tesla. This extraordinarily beautiful man never married, although in his life there are five women who appeared in his company. He was never engaged, nor was any of those women mentioned as candidates for marriage.


Tesla is a tragic figure through which the struggle of an expatriate is reflected, the struggle in a foreign world in which he is not at home, because he constantly - don't forget, it's very funny, that a man who arrives in America and who is one of the greatest physicists in the world - again, he publishes his songs for four cents. It was considered that such a serious scientist was doing this in a special kind of madness. However, he really was a poet.”


Miloš Crnjanski"

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