Šifra: S-312-7

This apron, white in color with cheerful fruit motifs, is not only a fashion accessory for the kitchen, but also a practical tool. It is useful for protecting clothes from food splashes, with pockets for practical storage of kitchen tools. It aesthetically adds to the kitchen ambience and makes a great gift. It is also suitable for various activities such as painting or gardening. Maintenance is simple, making it a practical and long-lasting addition to the kitchen environment.

18,49 USD


A few ways this product can be useful:
  • Clothing protection: The apron provides effective protection against food stains and splashes, thus preserving your clothes while cooking, baking or preparing meals.
  • Practicality in the kitchen: With pockets located on the front, this product allows you to keep kitchen tools, a notebook or a mobile phone close at hand, making culinary tasks more convenient.
  • Aesthetic addition: The fruit motif adds charm and color to the kitchen, making it a more cheerful and pleasant work environment.
  • Ideal gift: Thanks to its universal application and charming design, this apron makes a great gift for cooking lovers or those who enjoy decorating the kitchen.
  • Creative uses: Apart from the kitchen, the apron can be used in other activities such as painting, handicrafts or gardening, providing protection and comfort during various hobbies.
  • Easy maintenance: Made of quality materials, this apron is easy to maintain and can be easily washed, thus extending its life.

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