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Celebrate Faith and Hope with St. Petka: Discover Authentic Treasures for Your Slava at SerbianShop!


Seeking the divine grace and unwavering faith of St. Petka for your Slava celebration? Look no further than SerbianShop, your trusted source for authentic religious items to honor this beloved saint and elevate your spiritual journey. From exquisite hand-painted icons to decorative cuturas, discover a diverse collection to enrich your Slava observance and deepen your connection with your heritage. The day of her commemoration — Petkovdan, is celebrated on October 27.


Along with Petkovdan, the cult of Venerable Paraskeva is also celebrated on August 8, the day of the transfer of her relics from Bulgaria to Serbia. Then another saint is celebrated, with the same name - the Holy Martyr Paraskeva of Rome.

Slava Customs Associated with St. Petka:


  • Slava Bread: Baking a special sweet bread decorated with a cross, symbolizing blessings and prosperity.
  • Church service: Attending a festive liturgy to offer prayers and receive blessings from St. Petka.
  • Sharing the Slava meal: Gathering family and friends for a celebratory feast, often featuring roasted lamb or pork.
  • No house work: The people believe that on this day, women should not knead, cook, sew, wash clothes or do any household work
  • Giving Gifts: Exchanging gifts with loved ones on this day symbolizes spreading joy and fostering community bonds.


Find the Perfect St. Petka Icon:


  • Slava Icons: Choose from stunning hand-painted Slava icons showcasing St. Petka in her iconic pose, radiating compassion and unwavering faith. These cherished heirlooms, passed down through generations, become a beautiful reminder of her enduring strength and blessings.
  • Triptychs: Adorn your prayer corner or living space with beautiful triptychs featuring St. Petka alongside other saints or scenes from her life. These intricate pieces offer a deeper focus for prayer and reflection, inviting introspection and spiritual inspiration.
  • Metal Icons: Opt for the elegant simplicity of metal icons with St. Petka's image engraved with precision. These durable pieces offer a modern touch while adhering to tradition, ensuring her presence is always felt during your celebration.


Complete Your Celebration with Accoutrements:



Beyond the Products:


Browse our comprehensive collection and discover the perfect pieces to elevate your Slava celebration, honor your faith, and create lasting memories for you and your loved ones, all under the guidance and hope embodied by this beloved saint.

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