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Celebrate with Enlightenment and Faith: Discover Treasures for Your St. Sava Slava at SerbianShop!


SerbianShop invites you to explore our expansive collection dedicated to the revered Saint Sava, celebrated in the Serbian Orthodox tradition as the spiritual father of the nation. Delve deeper into his legacy and discover authentic religious items to elevate your Slava celebration and connect with your heritage.


Who is St. Sava and Why is He Celebrated?


Born Rastko Nemanjić, the youngest son of the Grand Župan Stefan Nemanja, Sveti Sava embarked on a spiritual journey, seeking monastic life on Mount Athos. Recognizing his wisdom and piety, the Ecumenical Patriarch ordained him the first Archbishop of the autocephalous Serbian Church in 1219. Through his tireless efforts, St. Sava established monasteries, schools, and hospitals, laying the foundation for Serbian cultural and religious identity. St. Sava celebration is on January 14th (January 1st according to the Julian calendar), he is revered as the Enlightener, symbolizing education, faith, and national unity.


Traditional customs associated with Sveti Sava's Slava include:


  • Slava Bread: Baking a round bread decorated with wheat stalks and the Serbian cross, representing spiritual nourishment and blessings.
  • Candle lighting: Lighting candles symbolizes seeking Sveti Sava's guiding light and spiritual wisdom.
  • Church service: Attending a festive liturgy to offer prayers and receive blessings from Sveti Sava.
  • Sharing the Slava meal: Gathering family and friends to share a celebratory meal, often featuring fasting dishes followed by fish or lamb.
  • Giving Gifts: Exchanging gifts with loved ones on this day symbolizes spreading joy and fostering community bonds.


Discover the perfect St. Sava icon:


  • Slava Icons: Choose from hand-painted icons showcasing Sveti Sava in his iconic pose, holding a book or church model, representing his dedication to education and faith. These cherished heirlooms become a reminder of his enduring legacy.
  • Triptychs: Adorn your prayer corner with beautiful triptychs featuring Sveti Sava alongside other saints or scenes from his life. Deepen your focus and reflection with these intricate pieces.
  • Metal Icons: Opt for the sleek simplicity of metal icons with Sveti Sava's image engraved with precision. These durable pieces offer a modern touch while honoring tradition.


Complete your celebration with adornments:


Beyond the Products:


Browse our collection and discover the perfect pieces to elevate your celebration, honor your faith, and create lasting memories under his guiding light.

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