Šifra: F-30-751

Brand: Crvena Zvezda

The Red Star football club sock set consists of three pairs of socks, each with its own unique color - green, blue and grey. Each pair of socks carries with it a unique design inspired by the goal celebration theme, representing a moment of joy and exhilaration associated with supporting Red Star football club.

16,99 USD



  • Green pair of socks: Portrays the vitality and energy of the field
  • Blue pair of socks: Symbolizes loyalty and association with the club
  • Gray pair of socks: Represents seriousness and resourcefulness on the field


  • S:  39-41
  • M:  42-43
  • L:   44-46



  • Inspired by a goal celebration, the sock design conveys the joy and excitement of the moment
  • Perceived details of the club's identity add authenticity and recognition



  • The socks are made of quality materials that provide comfort during wearing
  • The perfect mix of materials allows good air flow and keeps feet dry


Ideal gift:

  • A set of socks is the perfect gift for all fans of the Red Star football club
  • Unique and carefully designed, this set will surely please any true fan

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