Šifra: C-2-14

Brand: Fisher Price

The Fisher-Price joystick teaches your little ones numbers, colors, shapes and more.

36,49 USD


2 modes: learning and playing

  • moving or pressing a button activates the content.
  • the face of the game controller lights up in different colors
  • introduces the child to numbers, shapes, colors and more

The Fisher-Price joystick for omniscients teaches your child numbers, colors, shapes and more. The omniscient joystick has two modes of operation and many activities for the handles. As little gamers move and press ABCD and number buttons, cheerful songs, sounds and phrases are heard that teach the child numbers, shapes, colors and more.

The face of the Fisher-Price Game controller glows in a variety of colors. This educational toy encourages the child's development of fine motor skills, creativity and imagination.

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