Flag of the Kingdom of Montenegro - Polyester - 100x100cm

Šifra: S-159-29


The flag of the Kingdom of Montenegro in the dimensions 100x100  cm is now available for online purchase on serbianshop.com

23,99 USD20,49 USD
Akcija traje od 12.06.2024. 12:00 do 15.06.2024. 10:00


  • Montenegro flag, Kingdom of Montenegro
  • Dimensions 100x100 cm
  • Tricolor
  • Material polyester
  • High-quality flag from our collection Serbian souvenirs online shop

The Kingdom of Montenegro was a monarchy in southeastern Europe, present-day Montenegro, during the tumultuous period of time on the Balkan Peninsula leading up to and during World War I. Officially it was a constitutional monarchy, but absolutist in practice. On 28 November 1918, following the end of World War I, with the Montenegrin government still in exile, the Podgorica Assembly proclaimed unification with the Kingdom of Serbia, which itself was merged into the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes three days later, on 1st December 1918. This unification with Serbia would last, through various successor states, for almost 88 years, until finally coming to an end in 2006.

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