Šifra: S-85-207

Brand: Slovenska Mitologija

Jarilo, a luxurious decorative set with handcrafted details. Housed in an elegant wooden box with a transparent glass lid, this set stands out with "legs" that allow it to be placed on a shelf or hung on the wall. Inspired by Slavic mythology, Jarilo represents the god of war, sun and fertility, symbolizing the fight for justice and peace. This set is not only a decoration, but also a source of positive energy and elegance in your home, as well as a very unique gift.

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  • Decorative set Jarilo
  • Handwork
  • Glazed
  • Contains a certificate
  • Jarilo is the author's work of sculptor Jovan Petronijević
  • Box dimensions: 34 x 26 x 5 cm
  • Jarila diameter: 20 cm
  • It also contains a plate with an explanation in Serbian and English


JAROVID (Jarovit, Jarilo, Gerovit)

  • God of war, sun and bringer of fertility.
  • Known as the protector of the weak and powerless, he was a fighter for justice, peace and harmony among people. Often invoked to protect people, livestock and crops from hail clouds, but also to bring rain in times of drought, and to give the earth fertility and new life.
  • The holiday we celebrate today as St. George's Day in ancient times belonged to this deity and was celebrated in almost the same way.
  • Even then, believers brought green branches, leaves and flowers from early in the morning, and decorated houses, gates and pens. Wreaths of field flowers would be thrown into the river or stream, so that the sheep, cows and goats would give as much milk as the water would flow under them.
  • Also, the boys made a doll out of straw and a green branch, which represented Gerovita, and threw it into the water, hoping that it would make the birth year possible.

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