Šifra: F-26-91

Brand: Keel

The official Keel sailor children's T-shirt, which is also worn by Serbian water polo players.

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"A sailor's shirt is the most famous and most adventurous design in the world, which is also a military uniform." - Nikola Malovic

The sailor T-shirt of the company "KEEL" was programmatically derived from the award-winning novel "Sail of Hope" by Nikola Malović, and today represents a standard, not only with the historical width of the stripes, but also with the material and shade of blue, blue collar, blue hem on the sleeves and blue hem on the bottom.

This T-shirt was seen for the first time before the trip of the Serbian national team to the European Water Polo Championship (Barcelona, 2018), from where the "dolphins" returned with the fourth gold in a row!

The striped blue T-shirt from the company "KEEL" is made of a type of cotton that is pleasant to the body. It emphasizes strength on the young, and wisdom on the mature.

It is a clothing institution. That's why it's worth owning!

  • Composition 100% cotton
  • Coat of arms: No coat of arms
  • Size 140, 152

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