KILIM 140x70 cm

Šifra: S-129-14

Brand: Stari Srpski Zanati

A traditional Serbian product - a hand-woven rug. Handmade wool rug with ethnic motifs. Made in Serbia.


A unique, colorfully woven and richly decorated woolen rug can be used to decorate the floor, wall or part of the furniture. Traditional Serbian rugs are a valuable family heirloom and make a great family gift. They refine and decorate every space, giving it warmth and a unique element of the rich Serbian tradition.

227,49 USD181,99 USD



  • Hand woven on a loom.
  • Ethnic ornaments or pyrotechnic motifs.
  • Without a face, it is identical on both sides.
  • Dimensions: 140x70 cm


All the rugs in our offer are handmade, so small deviations in dimensions and colors are common, which will make each rug unique!



  • 100% wool from Serbia.
  • Our rugs are made of natural fibers and therefore require proper maintenance.



  • Vacuum or shake regularly.
  • Do not follow! Do not submerge in water!
  • Do not iron!
  • If something spills, gently press a clean cloth to pick up the liquid. Do not rub the stain.
  • Gently clean the dried spots with a soft brush and then shake or vacuum.
  • Turn the rug from time to time to equalize the use of both faces.

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