Šifra: E-323-18

An elegant metal pendant with the coat of arms of Nemanjić, representing a silver double-headed eagle on a red background. It is the perfect gift for lovers of history and symbolism, standing out for its sophisticated craftsmanship and high quality. This unique piece of jewelry carries with it a rich heritage of Serbian history, making it an ideal choice for everyday wear or special occasions.

6,99 USD


The Serbian rulers adopted the coat of arms of the double-headed eagle from Byzantium. Ana, wife of Stefan Nemanja, daughter of the Byzantine Emperor Romanus IV, "brought a white eagle as a dowry to Serbia as an imperial symbol".


In the time of Stefan the Crowned, a red double-headed eagle on a silver background was used, while in the time of Stefan Dušan there was an inversion of colors and a silver eagle appears on a red background.

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