Šifra: B-73-756

Brand: Službeni glasnik

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Milan Mladenović is one of the authors who achieved the greatest reach of Serbian and Yugoslav rock poetry. After an insight into the basic elements of Milan's poetics and its development, as well as the influence of his collaborators, almost equally powerful individuals and creatives, there follows an individual literary-theoretical analysis of the genre-specific songs of this author, followed by a comprehensive typological division of the complete oeuvre according to the sources of inspiration, and an overview analysis of the selected discography EKV with an insight into its musicological and literary segment. The final chapter offers a detailed overview and analysis of the media reception of the creativity of this top rock author, whose timeless work has an exceptional value and a strong influence on contemporary and younger generations, until today.




ISBN: 978-86-519-2851-5

Number of pages: 228

Font: Latin

Binding: Paperback

Format: 21 cm

Year of publication: 2022

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