Serbian folk costume for men - whole set with the opans

Šifra: S-178-60

Serbian Sumadja costume, made personally for you! Folk costume handmade according to your measurements, which contains the whole set, including the peasant shoe!


In addition to the entire set, you can combine individual parts with clothes from your closet! You can wear a hand-embroidered shirt with some elegant trousers. You're going to an event and you wear a plain white shirt and pants, put on a jelek over your shirt and get noticed!

418,49 USD


The Šumadija hand-embroidered folk costume contains:

  • Handmade leather sandals with rubber bottom (padded)
  • Socks hand-knitted and hand-embroidered
  • Breeches (green or navy blue)
  • Belt hand-woven on a loom
  • Shirt richly hand embroidered with a cross
  • Vest richly decorated
  • Shajkaca

Immediately after ordering, send an email to with the following measures:

  1. Head circumference
  2. Head circumference
  3. Shoulder width
  4. Waist size
  5. Chest circumference
  6. Leg length (hip to ankle)
  7. Upper body length (neck to hip)
  8. Arm length
  9. Shoe number


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