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Brand: Čutura

A flat, flask or buklia is a specially made brandy bottle. It has a special purpose and a special place in the household and tradition.


According to tradition and old customs, weddings are invited with a bottle of brandy. Let's not allow tradition to be neglected and wedding invitations to be sent online, instead of setting aside time for each guest who will brighten up this special day for you, to drink some brandy and hand them the invitation.

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  • Čutura, buklia, flask, flat
  • Motive: Happy newlyweds
  • Volume: 0.7 l
  • Material: Maple wood
  • Production technique: Engraving or printing
  • Dimensions: 18 x 18 cm
  • Coated with beeswax
  • The coat of arms of Serbia on the other side
  • Both sides




Before using the flask, pour cold water and let it stand for 5 minutes. After that, you can pour water and pour brandy.

Also, after use, it is necessary to pour water, hold for 5 minutes and pour.

The flask is intended for use, but it is not recommended to store brandy in it for more than 30 days, due to the beeswax with which the flask is coated.



What is buclia?


A flat, buklia or flask is a specially made brandy bottle. It has a special purpose and a special place in the household and tradition. When announcing the wedding, it is called by the book. It is filled with brandy, while in the southern parts of Serbia wine is also poured, it is decorated with a wreath of flowers, which withers over time, it is not taken off until the last guest is invited and with a wedding towel, if it is a wedding, and if it is get married, then a handkerchief made of some fine material is put on and the caller goes from house to house to invite relatives, neighbors and friends to the wedding. Wedding bouquets are part of cultural heritage and a beautiful prop at every wedding.



How is a flask made?


The plate consists of a brandy flask bound with a brass ring and a neck. The balloon, which is also the most important part of the plate, is made of three parts: a wooden ring around which there are brass hoops and two bottoms carved with different motifs. There is no glass (or any other) bottle inside the balloon, because the mentioned parts are assembled using a special wood drying technique, without the use of glue or any other fixative. The price of the flask depends on the dimensions, the manufacturing technique and the wood. Each plate is handmade and therefore unique.



Where to buy a bottle?


Now simply online at Serbianshop. It arrives directly at your home address.

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