Šifra: S-310-2

A wooden flask or buklia, as it is called, is made of pure oak wood. A wooden flask perfectly complements family celebrations - weddings (weddings) by using it in the custom of inviting guests.


A wooden flask is an original gift or souvenir for dear people. An excellent gift for the celebration of the baptism or announcement of future celebrations. By choosing such a product, you will easily satisfy the taste of the host whose home you are visiting or attract the attention of the guests you invite to the celebration.

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  • This flask will become an irreplaceable detail at family celebrations, especially at weddings, where the tradition of inviting guests with a brandy flask is deeply rooted
  • Our wooden flask is the perfect gift for the special people in your life
  • It is ideal as a souvenir that conveys the spirit of tradition and authenticity
  • Dimensions: 10x22x27.5cm
  • Motive: newlyweds
  • The motif made with cnc carving technique - newlyweds, is precise and very decorative.



  • Our wooden flask is a product of exceptional quality, with features that guarantee long-term use.
  • Material: oak wood
  • It contains a glass flask inside 0.7L, a wooden lid with a metal thread inside and a cotton decorative ribbon - fabric that allows the bottle to be carried more easily.

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