Šifra: S-29-141

Brand: Stari Srpski Zanati

The wooden flute is an ancient instrument that connects people with nature and their inner musical soul. This wooden beauty also has deep symbolism. In many cultures, the flute is considered an instrument of meditation and spiritual connection, while in Serbia it is one of the cult instruments and symbols of Serbia.


As a gift, a wooden flute is a choice that leaves a lasting impression, as a souvenir, it represents an authentic part of local culture and tradition, which everyone can be proud of.

5,49 USD


It is believed that frula is the oldest and most numerous instrument in the world.
In our region, shepherds played flutes and doubles, guarding their flocks. Frula is also used today as a national instrument.



  • Material: Wood
  • Technique: Barking
  • Dimensions: 24 cm
  • Souvenir

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