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This holiday book for children, written by one of the greatest children's writers and the creator of some of the most famous children's books in the world, such as The Wizard of Oz, with which he even managed to link this book. It actually means that two masterpieces are combined into one, and that's right in this book!


Discover the secrets of who Christmas Bata really is? What is he doing? Where does he live? How did he get to Oz? A real children's book that will keep your little ones' attention and bring an even bigger smile to their faces before the holidays.

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All myths and legends, which are known to us today, come from one source - from the Judeo-Christian tradition. However, with one exception! It goes without saying that it is about Božić-Bata, which is, proportionally, a creation of a new era, close to us.


The story of Božić-Bata is actually based on a poem by the American professor Clement Clark Moore, who on a snowy winter evening, December 23, 1822, recited to his children his poetic composition, which he called "Report on the Visit of Saint Nicholas". Later, over time, St. Nicholas became identified with Božić-Bat - entering numerous homes around the world, and becoming a tradition that has resisted all the changes brought by the modern age for decades.


Baum, however, would not be consistent with himself if he placed Božić-Bata (Santa Claus) at the North Pole, where he is usually placed in stories; he settled it in Dolina Smeška - a beautiful area filled with joy and tranquility. But, let's not forget, Smile Valley is on the other side of the Desert of Death - which, again, is on the very southern edge of the Land of Oz. And so this marvelous writer combined his two masterpieces; after all, in one of the books about the cycle about Oz, quite naturally, Santa Claus himself appears!


Although born as a human being, a mortal, thanks to the Cloak of Immortality, which, as a reward for bringing joy to all the children of the world, was given to him by the Immortals, Santa Claus remained alive and alive to this day.


The life and adventures of Božić-Bata by Frank Baum first saw the world in 1902 - but, surprisingly, it took a whole century for this work to be published in our language!


  • Category: Novels and stories for children from 7 to 9 years old
  • By Frank L. Baum
  • Publisher: TANESI
  • Letter: Cyrillic
  • Connection: Brooch
  • Year: 2020
  • Format: 13x20
  • Page: 160



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