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In the heart of untouched nature, where meadows intertwine with the mountain and tradition intersects with the modern, lies Sirogojno, a village of immense charm. This gem of western Serbia has become a widely known brand, synonymous with top-notch knitted clothing. We've all heard of Sirogojno hats and sweaters.

Sirogojno socks and warmers are an essential accessory for any wardrobe, whether purchased as a souvenir or received as a gift.

Sirogojno has become synonymous with knitted clothing of exceptional quality, and its inhabitants are guardians of the artistry passed down from generation to generation. Every needle movement hides a story about time, love for the craft, and a heritage that must not be forgotten.

Knitted hats, socks, scarves, and gloves tell a story of love for handiwork, preservation of heritage, and beauty woven into every detail.
We reveal to you a world of knitting where tradition is worn like a warm cloak, and artistry is hidden in every needle stroke.



Welcome to Serbianshop, a virtual journey that brings the spirit of tradition and craftsmanship of Sirogojno directly to your home! Our mission is to offer you more than just ordinary products.

We want to provide you with a piece of authentic Serbian heritage, especially highlighting handmade Sirogojno products.

As you navigate through our online collection, you will be greeted by a palette of vibrant colors and unusual textures that are the result of centuries-old mastery. Our handmade products, woolen hats, and scarves, knitted socks and gloves, are not just clothing, but stories interwoven with every yarn.

Each piece is unique, handmade from 100% wool, carrying the breath of centuries-old tradition.


Our collection of handmade accessories is intended for women and men who appreciate authenticity and quality.

Dive into our assortment of knitted hats, socks, gloves, and various accessories like scarves or neckwarmers. Whether you choose one of the elegant accessories for women or men, we guarantee that each piece will be unique, created with care and skill passed down through generations.

Woolen Socks

Sirogojno socks are made from the finest wool to create a piece of clothing that will embrace you like a soft cloud. Not only do they keep your feet warm in winter temperatures, but they are also pleasant thermoregulators on warm days.

Woolen socks from our collection are not just a practical detail for your feet but are an expression of style, elegance, and authenticity.
Whether you're preparing for outdoor winter activities or a relaxing evening at home, these socks will provide warmth and a touch of tradition that lasts.

Choosing Sirogojno woolen socks can pleasantly surprise you when considering authenticity and craftsmanship quality. If you wish to buy woolen socks for yourself or loved ones, sales at Serbian Shop can delight you with promotional offers.

Woolen Hats

Each hat in our collection is a true little masterpiece with carefully chosen colors and textures.

Our craftsmen select the highest quality wool to create hats that provide protection from the cold while allowing your skin to breathe freely.

Wrap yourself in warmth and complete your personal style with woolen hats from Sirogojno, where tradition becomes part of your everyday life.


Woolen Scarves


Woolen scarves are a fashion statement, a blend of elegance, warmth, and comfort. Whether you wrap yourself in them during cold winter days or use them as a sophisticated accessory to your look, these scarves make every occasion an opportunity to express style and love for tradition.

Enjoy the warmth and luxury of 100% woolen scarves from Sirogojno.

Woolen Gloves

Each pair of gloves is handmade from the highest quality wool, providing not only warmth but also exceptional softness. These gloves do not just protect your hands from the cold; they are also an expression of refined taste and attention to detail.

Their simple beauty represents a sophisticated addition to any winter outfit, making you feel comfortable and stylish simultaneously.

Enjoy the luxury of woolen gloves from Sirogojno, where tradition follows every movement of your hands.


Sirogojno products range from 2,000 RSD to several ten of thousands RSD, depending on the product. Surrender to the charms of Sirogojno at Serbian Shop and experience the blend of tradition, art, and modern style on your body. Your story begins here, with every click in our virtual corner of Serbia.

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