10 Serbian books for the champion student - encourage the development of your children!

10 Serbian books for the champion student - encourage the development of your children!

Brain and skill development in children is extremely important for their entire life. It is in early childhood that first-graders create the basic foundations for future educational challenges. One of the most effective ways to encourage brain development in children is through reading.


Books are a source not only of knowledge but also of imagination, creativity and emotional intelligence. Therefore, we bring you a list of ten inspiring books that will not only entertain your champion students but also encourage their development on many levels. Best of all, you can get all these books from the comfort of your armchair, through online sales at serbianshop.com.



This collection of Andersen's fairy tales gives children an insight into the world of fantasy, courage and moral values. Stories like "The Little Mermaid," "The Ugly Duckling" and "Thinking" encourage imaginative thinking and teach the importance of inner beauty.



2. FOLK TRADITION - COMPLETE - Stajka Rajić and Ivana Stanković


The Folk Traditions set is an excellent way for first graders to get to know folk traditions because it contains four themed books intended for all young readers who want to learn about old crafts, traditional construction, holidays, customs, folk art and culture.





This unusual and creative alphabet gives children a unique approach to learning letters through fun and silly stories. The book not only encourages the development of language skills but also develops children's imagination through colorful illustrations and unusual stories about each letter.



4. Work set for preschoolers - Goran Mrković, Maja Koraksić


WORK KIT FOR PRESCHOOLERS, intended primarily for children in the preparatory preschool program. It is designed to encourage the development of their graphomotor skills, concentration and verbal abilities. Using the various materials of this set, children have the opportunity to acquire new knowledge, develop their precision and prepare for school in a fun and creative way.





Dušan Radović, through his songs and verses, brings a unique view of the world of children. "Dear Children" is a collection that deals with everyday situations, joys and challenges that children face. Through humorous songs, children will not only have fun but also develop their language skills and the ability to observe the world around them.



6. Children's Atlas of Serbia


Understanding geography from an early age is important for expanding children's horizons. The children's atlas of Serbia provides a unique opportunity to explore the homeland through illustrations, maps and interesting facts. This book not only encourages love for the country they live in but also develops a basic understanding of space and geographical concepts.





A suitcase for a student champion is an ideal gift for any future student. This special set in a multi-purpose case contains books: Calculator, Story Room, Let's learn how many hours it is and Traffic starter book. For 1st grade students, this book will facilitate the acquisition of skills necessary for first-year students, such as safe behavior and navigation in traffic, use of the clock and time calculation, but also the improvement of language and calculation skills. This set comes with a special gift - a lesson schedule and an alphabet poster.





This educational book provides elementary students with a practical approach to learning to write Cyrillic letters. Through simple exercises and illustrations, children will create a foundation for successfully mastering the skill of writing. "I'm learning to write written Cyrillic" encourages the development of motor skills and helps children gain confidence in the process of learning to write.


9. MY FIRST LEXICON - Biljana Babić

My first lexicon is a great way to encourage your child to meet and develop socialization skills and making friends in society. A memory that will forever remind them of school days and friends. Favorite class, hobby, sport, singer, descriptions of interesting situations, crushes and much more will remain on these colorful pages as a reminder of childhood.

10. LEARN TO STUDY BETTER - A. Žiordan, S. Varnije


This book is aimed at older students, but provides valuable study tips that are useful throughout schooling. The authors offer strategies for effective learning, time management and concentration development. "I learn to learn better" helps students develop study skills that will be useful throughout their educational journey.
Encouraging a love of reading from an early age is key to children's development. These books will not only entertain them but also provide valuable life and educational experiences. Good luck discovering the magic of the world of books with your little first graders!

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