What to give as a gift from Serbia to a foreign friend? - The best gifts from Serbia

In today's globalized world, we often have the privilege of making friends with…

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The 5 most important customs for Slava - you must not bypass these customs!

Serbian slava is one of the deepest and most cherished Serbian customs, representing…

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10 books which will help you to get to know Serbia better

We have selected the TOP 10 best books to get to know Serbia as well as possible.…

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Flags of Serbia through the Ages: Symbolism and History

Welcome to our blog dedicated to the flags of Serbia and its rich historical…

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The best and most original ethnic gift from Serbia - national costume

Today we will dive together into the rich and colorful treasury of Serbian culture…

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WHO WAS THE KOSOVO GIRL? - Legend, Significance, Role, Symbol

As we explore the rich history and cultural heritage of the Balkans, we cannot…

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All the successes of the water polo national team of Serbia - interesting facts, great successes, the pride of Serbia

Water polo is a sport that has a deep-rooted place in Serbian sports culture.…

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Introduction to Serbian Cuisine: Discover the Most Famous Serbian Dishes

Serbian cuisine can be described as delicious, diverse and rich in tradition.…

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Emperor Dušan - the greatest Serbian ruler in Serbian history

In the rich history of Serbia, Emperor Dušan Silni stands out as one of the…

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