A gift for slava - 10 gifts that will delight the hosts

A gift for slava - 10 gifts that will delight the hosts

Once a pagan custom of respecting the guardians of the hearth, slava has remained a part of tradition among Serbs and has been accepted as an integral part of Orthodoxy. The importance of glory in our nation is reflected in the fact that we are the only nation in the world that "celebrates slava", more precisely the saint who guards the home and the household.

The feast cake, candles, wheat and wine, they say, are the most important on the table. And the rest, as long as it is.

However, there are no locals who will not treat their guests and family to the best wine or brandy or the best piece of meat. There are also various pies, seasonal salads and winter dishes. Every housewife deals with decorations and decoration of the feast table with special dedication.

When the celebration period comes, there are two possibilities: to celebrate the slava or to be guests at the slava.

When we are invited to slava, there are often concerns about the choice of gifts, because as our people say, "we do not go empty-handed." There is a fear that the gift from last year will not be "repeated" because no one wants to give something thosts will not like.

Today, coming to slava is certainly very different from the classic visit to family or friends. Among the guests are relatives, godparents, friends, neighbors, so the atmosphere is much more festive. Then the hosts give gifts, and the gifts that the host will receive depends on who brings it.

This time, Srebianshop made an effort to help you with your choice, so in front of you is a gift proposal for fame, whether you are a godfather, a relative or a friend.





There is no celebration without brandy and other drinks, so a brandy bottle complete with hand-painted clocks is a sure celebration gift that you won't go wrong with. This celebratory gift is an ideal combination that will bring a smile to the host's face.







As chokanjčići are popular again, this can be a real gift for both the hostess and the host. It can be a very beautiful decoration for the hostess, and at the same time it can be a very decorative element on the celebration table, which can complement the warmth of the celebration table. If your hosts are fans of ethnic decorations, this stand with five hooks is the right choice. Such a gift will remain as a lasting souvenir for the host.





One of the unusual Christmas gifts, and yet the most common, is a book. And this time, Serbianshop made an effort to single out the title that is most suitable for the upcoming festive days.

The book "Serbian Glory and Holidays" is not only a testimony of the spirituality of the Serbian people, but also of the rich national culture that has been preserved to this day, manifested in folk customs, traditions, myths, and legends, passed down from generation to generation. This book discusses in detail the concept of glory, saints, table, fasting, as well as many other aspects of the Orthodox faith.

This gift-book will remain a memory, but also a kind of manual both for the hosts themselves and for future generations. With an adequate dedication, this gift will have a special place in the home library of your hosts.




"Buklija bag" is part of Serbian tradition and customs. It is used in various festive occasions such as a celebration or other celebration.

An ethnic bag is an indispensable prop in many Serbian customs, and it can also be an original gift for your dear friends who want to remind you of your Serbian origins and folk folklore.

If your hosts are aware of the value of making a bag like this, this is the right choice for a festive gift, and if they are not, "buklija" is the right way to get them interested in Serbian crafts and Serbian tradition.


In our online store, you can also find a flask for brandy and complete your gift with it.







If you are the best man of the host, keep in mind that the gift of the best man is of greater and deeper spiritual significance. Therefore, one of the suggestions for a gift that you can give is a Slavic icon of glory celebrated by the host. This kind of gift is something that stays forever in the family, and the symbolism in the Serbian tradition is twofold because there is no glory without an icon, and no family without a godfather.

In the Serbian people there is a saying "God is in heaven, and the godfather is on earth" and it tells us enough about the role and importance of the godfather in such a family. That is why the gifts that the best man brings are of greater and deeper spiritual significance

In addition to the celebratory icon, you can also bring an icon of the Mother of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, or the Guardian Angel to the celebratory event. All of them are welcome in every Serbian home. On the link you can see the offer of Slavic icons.







A lamp is a nice and appropriate festive gift. In our online maternity store, you can find handmade lamps in several sizes, trimmed with silver or gold-plated parts.

This kind of gift is both valuable and deeply meaningful, so it is ideal to be given by the godfather along with or instead of the icon.





Along with the candle, a very suitable festive gift can be a censer. An integral part of the cake-cutting process is the "incense" of the house. Someone sanctifies the home and incenses the sacred face, and someone does it themselves. In any case, a censer can be a very intimate and symbolic gift, and it will certainly be a dear memory and a very nice decoration with the icon.







Another wonderful gift is the festive Slavic candle holder. In our assortment you can find a large number of interesting festive candlesticks, which will beautify any festive table.

Our offer includes candlesticks of various dimensions, sizes and shapes. A nice memory that will surely have a special place in the home of your hosts.







One of the almost perfect festive gifts for every house, which you will not go wrong with, especially if you are coming to the celebration as the best man or the closest relatives of the hosts who have just formed a household, is a festive set in a beautiful red box.

What every Serbian house needs, and which has no expiration date, is a well-designed package from the Serbianshop offer, which contains: a table lamp, a candlestick, a censer, an incense box, a table top.

Another point of interest:

In the past, no gifts were brought to the celebration. The doors of the celebrating house were open to everyone, so everyone could come and help themselves. More formal clothes were worn and behavior was taken care of. The visits were short, but the guests changed throughout the day, starting from morning until dark.


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