Book Fair 2023 - must read book recommendations!

Book Fair 2023 - must read book recommendations!

Welcome to Book Fair 2023, one of the most exciting cultural events of the year! This indispensable meeting of book lovers in Belgrade, which has a long tradition, opens its doors again, gathering passionate readers, authors and publishers. Regardless of whether you are planning a visit in person or want to enjoy the charms of the Book Fair from the comfort of your home, online sales through the site make it all possible.

Book Recommendations for Visiting the Fair:


The Queen - Matthew Denison

In this biography of the longest-serving sovereign in British history, Matthew Denison traces her life through an era of unprecedented social change. The work of Queens, adorned with refined style and nuanced judgment, paints a picture of the joys and victories as well as the disappointments and turmoil of an extraordinary reign. It also evaluates the achievements of a woman who was seen as a representative of devoted service to her country, a symbol of respect for duty, constancy, charity and stoicism, which she really was until her last day.




A reliable guide for an unforgettable trip from Sombor and Novi Sad to Kuršumlija and Novi Brdo, from Novi Pazar, Kragujevac to Belgrade. Experience all these places from the earliest eras to the present day.



A NOVEL OF LONDON - Miloš Crnjanski

This classic was published in Belgrade in 1971 as Roman o London. The book follows an aging Russian émigré, Nikolai Repnin, as he tries to live in the British capital in the 1940s, painting a stark portrait of the war-torn city through the eyes of a person living in a constant state of rejection and alienation. Born a Russian nobleman in pre-revolutionary St. Petersburg, Ryepnin is now reduced to living off odd jobs in a vast city whose buildings, monuments, citizens and customs he fascinates.




"Dušan's Code" printed in luxurious equipment in six languages ​​is one of the oldest legal acts of medieval Europe, adopted in 1349, modeled on the "Code" of St. Sava created 130 years earlier and in which Roman and Byzantine law was sublimated.




The work of Vladimir Ćorović, one of the most respected Serbian historians, was supplemented for the first time with the period of Serbian history written after Ćorović's death. His synthetic overview of the events from the immigration of Serbs to the Balkans until the Second World War is followed by a description of the events in the stormy decades that followed, from the pen of one of the most respected contemporary historians, Milan St. Opposite.


Protić boldly and conscientiously talks about the turbulent years from 1918 to 1991, openly and argumentatively analyzing the rise and fall of the Serbian idea in the context of the Yugoslav political maelstrom of that era. A special place in this presentation is occupied by the giants of Serbian science and art who marked all spheres of intellectual and social life, creating and shaping the Serbian cultural history of the 20th century.



LESSONS AND ADVICE - Patriarch Pavle

All the recommendations and advice presented and spoken by the famous, respected Patriarch Pavle have been recorded and saved for years.


Jovan Dučić - Treasure of Tsar Radovan

The book of wisdom and beauty by the great Serbian poet Jovan Dučić, one of the most read works of Serbian literature. A treasure trove of poetic philosophical reflections on fateful topics that preoccupy every human being. A source of knowledge and life inspiration. A book that encourages generations of readers to think, provides support in difficult moments and helps anyone who immerses in its lines to find their way more easily.



Mihajlo Pupin-From Pasturian to Scholar (uncensored Ed.)

The autobiography of one of the world's greatest scientists of our time, awarded with the prestigious Pulitzer Prize! A book that is studied in the USA as required reading! A true story about a Serbian shepherd from the small village of Idvor who became one of the forerunners of the era of telecommunications.


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