Our people are divided into two groups: those who support the "Red Star" and those who do not support this club, but its eternal rival. And even those who are not football fans, somehow spontaneously opt for one of these two clubs. As we often say for ourselves that we are a football nation, then this fact is not surprising.


Therefore, for a start, here is a brief overview of the history of one of the most trophy-winning clubs with more than a dozen national championship titles.


Meet the Red Star.

How the Red Star got its name



The Red Star was founded on March 4, 1945. That is when the Red Star Sports Association was actually founded. Only a month earlier, a youth sports association was founded, which quickly grew into a sports team and received a name that still resonates today - the Red Star.


Why Red Star? Even today, the anecdote about the creation of the name of this football club is retold. Just a day before the Assembly, the founders discussed for a long time what name the new sports team should be given.



There were various proposals: Mladost, Udarnik, Torpedo, Dinamo, Lokomotiva. Still, none were appealing enough.
Most agree that the 'godfathers' were Slobodan Cosic and Zoran Zujovic, the club's first vice-presidents. Finally, the 'Red Star' shone.


On that historic March 4, 1945, the Red Star football players played the first game in the history of the society against the team of the First Battalion of the Second Brigade of KNOJ and triumphed with the result 3:0.


The following year, the first title of national champion was won - six teams participated in the final competition in May and June 1946.



The Red Star is not just a football club


Although the football and basketball clubs are among the most popular, the fact is that the Red Star Sports Club currently has dozens of active club clubs in over 20 different sports.


The home of the "Red Star" is the popular "Marakana", today the Rajko Mitic Stadium, which was ceremoniously opened on September 1, 1963, after three years of construction.


File:FC Red Star stadium.jpg

The current capacity of the stadium is more than 55 thousand seats. Fiery fans who complete this stadium call themselves "Delije" and take their side on the northern platform of the "Marakana" stadium.


Delije is one of the most famous fan groups in the world, as evidenced by the awards of sports magazines for the best fans.




Red Star is the most trophy-winning club


Red Star is the most trophy-winning football club in Serbia, including domestic championships, national cups, the Champions Cup and the Intercontinental Cup.


The greatest success was achieved in 1991, when the Red Star won the European Champions Cup in Bari and the Intercontinental Cup in Tokyo the same year. It was the greatest achievement of the Red Star.

The Red Star athletes were not unnoticed even at the Olympic Games for our country, where they managed to win as many as 20 medals.



The most successful star of the Olympic Games is the scorer Jasna Šekarić with five medals.



A victory inscribed in the history of Serbian but world football


The Red Star started the campaign for the European Champions Cup with great ambitions. In the Champions Cup that season, the strongest teams were Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Milan. It seemed that everything somehow went in Zvezda's favor, so she managed to place in the semifinals of this cup with her victories. Bayern Munich was drawn in the semifinals, while Olympique Marseille and Spartak Moscow played in the second game.



The greatest success of the Red Star is related to May 29, 1991, when it won the cup of the old continent in the Italian port of Bari, with a victory over the French champion Olympique de Marseille with 5:3 after a better penalty shootout.


Fun facts:
Did you know that the magazine Zvezda Review, which is completely dedicated to the Red Star sports club, is the only magazine of its kind in Serbia, and the oldest in the Balkans. It was founded in 1961, and the largest circulation of this magazine reached in the seventies of the last century. Every year, readers and journalists of Zvezda's fashion show choose the best athlete who defends against red and white clubs.


Red and white jerseys are the first associations to this club, and when it comes to fan t-shirts, sales have always been at a high level, starting with the sizes for the youngest.


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