Experience the Vibrant Nightlife of Belgrade: A Guide to the Best Clubs and Bars

Experience the Vibrant Nightlife of Belgrade: A Guide to the Best Clubs and Bars

Discover the Pulsating Nightlife of Belgrade: The Ultimate Guide to the Most Exciting Clubs and Bars


Belgrade, the vibrant capital of Serbia, not only holds the title of a city with endlessly rich history and culture, but is also the undisputed king of night life in the Balkans. Its unique club scene, which includes everything from underground clubs to unforgettable parties on the rivers, makes Belgrade a real destination for everyone who wants to have a good time. Join us in exploring the leading nightlife destinations that Belgrade has to offer.

1. "20/44": Symbol of the Belgrade River Parties

The river club "20/44" is an indispensable place for a night out in Belgrade, offering a spectacular view of the city and an unforgettable atmosphere. Nights filled with dancing until dawn await you here, with a perfect blend of music and company.


2. "KC Grad": Cultural Epicenter of the City


"KC Grad", located in the urban heart of Belgrade, offers a diverse program - from DJ sets to concerts and exhibitions. Whether you're looking for a party or an artistic experience, KC Grad is the place where you'll find it all.


3. "Drugstore": Oasis of the Belgrade Underground


For fans of the alternative scene, the club "Drugstore" in the old pharmacy is a real discovery. With its unique industrial atmosphere, this club has become the host of numerous international DJs and a gathering place for techno and house music lovers.


4. "Freestyler": Lively Entertainment Center


"Freestyler", one of the most popular clubs in Belgrade, is known for its energetic parties and modern sound system. If you're up for a night full of dancing, Freestyler offers everything you need for an unforgettable night out.


5. "Plastic": Legend of the Belgrade Club Scene


Club "Plastic" has been one of the pillars of the Belgrade night scene for more than two decades. Known for its electric atmosphere and quality music, Plastic offers a spacious dance floor and an excellent selection of drinks, ideal for a night full of fun.


New Attractions and Current Information


In addition to traditional favorites, Belgrade is constantly enriching its offer with new places to go out. Be sure to explore the newest bars and clubs that have opened recently, offering everything from electronic to alternative music. It's always a good idea to follow social media and local guides for the latest happenings and parties.




Belgrade's nightlife is an adventure waiting to be experienced. Regardless of your taste, Belgrade offers unforgettable nights, full of music, dance, and the unique spirit of the city. Include these clubs and bars in your itinerary and prepare for nights to remember.

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