Festivities in floral splendor: Serbian Slava celebrations in June

Festivities in floral splendor: Serbian Slava celebrations in June

June, the month of awakened summer, long days and intoxicating scents of flowers, in Serbian Orthodox families is also the month of celebrating important baptismal feasts. In this blog, we will discover together their significance, symbolism and traditional ways of celebrating, along with ideas for the perfect gifts for the celebrants and tips for welcoming guests warmly.


Important Serbian Slava celebrations in June

June 3 - Saint Emperor Constantine and Empress Jelena: One of the most significant holidays that commemorates the parents of Emperor Constantine the Great, responsible for the historic Edict of Milan that brought freedom to Christianity. Also known as Holy Queen Jelena, this feast celebrates an extraordinary woman in Christian history.



June 28 - Saint Vitus (Vidovdan): This is the Orthodox day celebrating Saint Vitus, a Christian martyr from the 4th century, known for his strong faith. This date is given extra attention because it shares the name with the national and historical holiday Vidovdan.

Serbia's national holiday, Vidovdan, is celebrated in memory of the Battle of Kosovo in 1389. Although it is not a baptismal glory in the strict sense, it is an extremely important date when we remember our ancestors and the brave people who defended the country and the people. It is marked with solemn liturgies, appropriate speeches and commemorations.


Vidovdan: A crucial date in serbian history


Prince Lazar Hrebeljanović:

  • Born in 1329 in Prilepec.
  • He married Milica, the daughter of the Grand Duke of Vratko, in 1353.
  • Received the title of master of all Serbs and the ruler's name Stefan.
  • Helped in the reconciliation of the Patriarchate of Peć and Constantinople.
  • The glory of Saint Prince Lazar is celebrated with a fasting meal during the Petrovdan Lent.

Battle of Kosovo:

  • It took place on June 28, 1389.
  • The Serbian state defended the southern border against the Turks.
  • Prince Lazar died in the battle.
  • Turkish Sultan Murat I was killed by a Serbian knight - Miloš Obilić
  • His daughter Olivera married Bayazit I in 1390 in order to make peace with Turkey and transfer Lazarus' relics.

Vidovdan and Sveti Vid:

  • Associated with the pagan cult of the old Slavic deity Vid, considered the supreme deity.
  • Vidovdan is considered a feast for the eyes and "opening the eyes".
  • a religious holiday celebrated by the Serbian Orthodox Church and the Bulgarian Orthodox Church on June 28


How to celebrate Slava in June


  • Visiting the church: The traditional celebration begins with a prayer and liturgy in the church, dedicated to the saint of baptism or celebrating a holiday.
  • Slava cake: A special bread, Slavski kolač, is an essential part of the celebration. In June, the cake is often decorated with flowers as a symbol of the month. It is decorated, taken to the church for blessing together with grain and a candle.
  • Celebratory meal: plenty of Serbian specialties that can symbolize the awakened nature, as well as traditional dishes for the celebration. The meal symbolizes both spiritual and material wealth, and was enjoyed with a positive atmosphere and the big heart of the host.
  • Gifting: Gifting to the celebrant or the celebrating family is one of the important symbols of a baptismal celebration or a significant holiday. The gift should reflect the importance of the holiday or carry practical or sentimental value.

Gift ideas

We offer you a wide selection of gifts at SerbianShop! Among other things, you will find:


  • Icons: And the Kona of the patron saint is a traditional gift, choose the icon of Saint Emperor Constantine or the icon of Saint Empress Jelena or Saint Vitus, depending on the date of the feast.
  • Books about Christianity and Serbian history: Give books about patron saints this month, as well as books about the Battle of Kosovo and the historical significance of Vidovdan.
  • Traditional Serbian souvenirs: Handmade items with Serbian motifs, jewelry or decoration.

Happy Slava celebration and holidays!


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