Get to know Serbia online - Serbian medieval history

Get to know Serbia online - Serbian medieval history

Get to know Serbia online, learn something new about digital Serbia - the most interesting social media profiles - today Srpska srednjovekovna istorija, Obnovimo Maglić and serbian_medieval_history.












Today, we interview the founders of three very popular social media profiles: Obnovimo Maglić, Srpska srednjovekovna istorija i serbian_medieval_history


Behind the mentioned three profiles is a team of enthusiasts which is led by a master historian, employed in a news agency; a history teacher employed in a high school; a professor of English language and literature, thanks to whom every text is translated into English, which is why their Instagram page can be followed all over the world and a future professor of the Serbian language, thanks to which the texts are written and without errors.

In the work on the mentioned pages, these four are helped by several dozen really valuable, smart and valuable associates, without whose help there would not be some of the best, most watched and most read posts on the social networks. We would not talk about names, because we do not want to emphasize ourselves in the foreground, in the foreground should be the Serbian medieval history and Serbian cultural heritage from that period.


What is the goal of establishing the profiles and your work?

Promoting Serbian medieval cultural heritage (Serbian churches and monasteries, fortresses, archeological treasures from the Middle Ages, etc.), as well as spreading knowledge about Serbian medieval history.

How did you come up with the idea, how did the beginning and further development go?

It all started with a visit to Maglic in 2016. Then we came up with the idea to launch an initiative for its restoration, because everyone who visits that fortress sees its huge tourist potential. We launched the Let's Renew Maglic page in 2017 and after a while we started uploading news and pictures that did not only refer to that fortress and the initiative for its renovation, but also pictures and descriptions of other medieval fortresses and monasteries of Zice, Studenica, Gradac. .. Then we realized that this page has outgrown itself and in 2019 we launched the pages Serbian Medieval History (Facebook) and @serbian_medieval_history (Instagram), where we can fully transfer our knowledge and where we can promote Serbian medieval history and cultural heritage not only to members of the Serbian people, but also to the whole world.


Who is your profile for?

Our profiles are intended for all those who are interested in the history of the Serbian people in the Middle Ages and for lovers of nature and historical monuments, from 7 to 127 years of age!" :)

Do you see having an impact especially on younger people?


The followers of our pages are mostly young people, and we hope that our work will influence them to be interested in Serbian medieval history and to want to visit all the monasteries, churches and fortresses we are writing about, to want to go to the museums where it is located - our archaeological treasure. We are happiest when we get pictures from a fortress or a monastery in the inboxes of our pages and the message that we encouraged the one who sent the picture to visit those historical places.

How important are profiles like yours for the preservation of Serbian history and culture?


They are not important for preservation, but for promoting Serbian culture and history. We believe that Serbia and the areas where Serbs live, where there are clear traces of their existence, can offer so many interesting things and that we should preserve and promote it in our society as well as the whole world.

When was your profile established, how many followers do you have and what is your goal?


Our profiles deal with Serbian medieval history, because we wanted to share the knowledge acquired at the Department of History at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade with a large number of people. We have 22,000 followers on Facebook and over 8,000 followers on Instagram. We founded them in the spring of 2019, and the figures we have given testify that we have gained a lot of trust from people on social networks in a short time. The goal is to continue to grow in numbers, and more importantly, to write regularly about Serbian medieval history and to promote Serbian cultural heritage with even more success.


Do you have the financial support of institutions or certain individuals who like your work in your work?


For now, we don't have it, but if that possibility arises, we would accept it in case our thoughts about our work, our plans, initiatives and ideas coincide. All our work so far has been voluntary, and we have paid for all advertisements on social networks with personal funds. We do not ask for anyone's help and we do not ask anyone to support us financially, but if someone wanted to help our work financially, while leaving us independence in our actions, we would agree to it, because it would help us to work and raise our activities to a higher level. Namely, we would advertise more of our pages and have more announcements and more sponsored announcements, which would bring us a large number of new followers due to the undoubted quality of our announcements, and all that together would contribute to greater and better promotion of Serbian medieval cultural heritage.

Are you planning any events in the future?

We plan to grow a little more in numbers on social networks, so that as many people as possible follow our planned activities. Those set numbers are 30,000 followers on Facebook on the page Serbian Medieval History and 10,000 followers on Instagram on the account Serbian medieval history, so let's take the opportunity to invite your readers to follow us on those pages. We will reach that number in a few months at the latest, and then we will officially launch two initiatives and organize one exhibition. We will not reveal the details of those plans, let what we are preparing "crunch". When we start everything, we hope that we will be very successful and that our companions will support us in that.

If someone is interested in helping to realize your ideas, where and how can they get information and who can they contact?


Whoever wants to help us and cooperate with us, let him write to us in his inbox account on Instagram, we respond quickly and establish cooperation even faster if our ideas and interests coincide.


What are your personal goals for this and next year?


To be healthy and happy, which we wish to all people in Serbia, the region and the world.


We could not agree more with your wishes - thank you for your time. 

We strongly recommend to follow the profiles - it's worth it!

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