Serbia at EURO 2024: Are you ready to cheer? Order a jersey!

Serbia at EURO 2024: Are you ready to cheer? Order a jersey!

With the sound of the hymn "God's Justice" and the thunderous cheering of the Eagles, Serbia is ready to move towards the top again! The 2024 European Football Championship in Germany is already casting a long shadow, and the draw brought us an extremely interesting Group C: England, Slovenia and Denmark.


Have you already started thinking about cheering for our national team, about how you will cheer Vlahović, Tadić and Mitrović? Not only can you follow all the news related to the tournament and Serbia on, but also get an official Serbian jersey with the name and number of your favorite player!

Serbia to the top - Analysis of the group and the Eagles' chances

Although extremely strong opponents are waiting for us, we should not underestimate the Eagles! Here's a quick breakdown of the group and our odds:

Round 1 (June 16):

  • Serbia - England (Gelsenkirchen)
  • Slovenia - Denmark (Stuttgart)

2nd round (June 20):

  • Serbia - Slovenia (Munich)
  • England - Denmark (Frankfurt)

3rd round (June 25):

  • Serbia - Denmark (Munich)
  • England - Slovenia (Cologne)

England: Group favorite, but not undefeated. Serbia needs an aggressive start and a tactical fight to surprise them.
Slovenia: A well-organized team, but without big individual stars. Serbia has an advantage in experience.
Denmark: Disciplined and tactically adept, but with defensive weaknesses. Serbia needs to use speed and creativity in attack.


Do you root for Serbia? Order a jersey and support Serbia!

Whether you think we'll win the title or get through the group, every heart beats for the Eagles! Show your love for the national team and get the official jersey of Serbia at

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