Slava celebrations in March: Spring blessing and spiritual gathering

Slava celebrations in March: Spring blessing and spiritual gathering

March, the month when nature awakens and spring gives a hint of its arrival, also brings great spiritual joy for Serbian Orthodox families. It is the time of baptism celebrations, important holidays when families gather, revive traditions and celebrate togetherness. In this blog, we'll take a deeper look at the significant celebrations of March, the history behind the holiday, and ways to celebrate traditionally with tips for choosing gifts.

The significance of baptismal glory

Krsna slava, or patron saint, is a unique Serbian symbol that is passed down from generation to generation. A sacred family tradition, the slava is a day dedicated to the family's patron saint and is celebrated on the same date every year. It is an important time of prayer, gathering of family and friends, with the obligatory rich feast that symbolizes wealth.

Important slava celebrations in March


March 9 - Forty Holy Martyrs of Sevastija: This holiday is celebrated in honor of the Forty Holy Martyrs of Sevastija, Christian soldiers from the 4th century who died for their faith. On this day, attention is paid to perseverance in one's beliefs and we are reminded of the sacrifices for what is right, with special rituals and customs related to this day.

March 17 - Saint Theodore Tyrone (Theodore's Saturday): A great martyr from the 4th century, Saint Theodore Tyrone was known for his fervor in the faith. Todor's Saturday is traditionally marked as a very joyful day. Equestrian races are organized to symbolize the departure of winter and the awakening of nature, with plenty of food, dishes and drinks.

March 22 - Holy Forty-two Martyrs of the Amorites: The martyrdom of forty-two soldiers in Amorites testifies to the importance of defending one's faith and ideals. This glory is celebrated with solemnity and prayer for the well-being of one's neighbors.

How to celebrate glory in March

Visit to the church: The celebration traditionally begins with prayer and liturgy in the church, dedicated to the saint of baptismal glory. Family and friends join in the festivities.
Slava cake: A special bread, Slavski kolač, is an essential part of the celebration. It is decorated, taken to the church for blessing together with grain and a candle.
Slavic feast: The Slavic feast is rich, with plenty of Serbian specialties and delicacies. This meal symbolizes both spiritual and material wealth, and was enjoyed with a positive atmosphere and the big heart of the host.
Gifting: Gifting the celebrant is one of the important symbols of the baptismal glory. The gift should reflect the importance of the holiday or carry practical or sentimental value for the celebrant.


Gift ideas

We offer you a wide selection of gifts for the baptism celebrations in March at SerbianShop! Among other things, you will find:

Iconostases and icons: And the Kona of the patron saint is a traditional gift, choose an icon of the Holy Forty Martyrs of Sebaste, Saint Theodore or the Forty-Two Martyrs of the Amorites.

Books about Serbian history and the church: Give books about the patron saints of this month, as well as the historical significance of Todor's Saturday.

Traditional Serbian souvenirs: Handmade items with Serbian motifs, jewelry or decoration.


Happy Slava!

May March bring you baptismal glories full of joy, spiritual fulfillment, togetherness and love. Following tradition, choose the right gifts and open the doors of your home to your loved ones for the inevitable glory. And let spirituality be your companion!

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