There is a rule in them - please touch the objects!

Instill in children a love of art. Follow theirs development. Always offer them a step higher. Let them go!

Yes, we could say that this is the main motto of the activities that have been done during the last two decades in the direction of affirmation and bringing the museum closer to children and young people.


The most famous museums in Belgrade, as well as those in the interior, have formed special departments, clubs and workshops, with the goal of developing and implementing research, educational and creative programs for children, from preschool to high school age. Children's museums are places where children learn through play research in an environment created just for them, and the way these museums work is very different from the work of classical museums.



Among the Belgrade museums, there is one that has really taken a big step in that sense and has become a favorite place that children and their parents like to visit.



Museum of Science and Technology



This is the only museum in Belgrade that is completely adapted to children with its content, as well as rules of conduct that do not hinder spontaneity and immediacy. Some of the contents are understandable to children as young as three


The main exhibition of the museum is very interesting for children, and it contains antique devices, telephones, old radios, a huge globe that children adore, an organ and old vehicles, which are located on the ground floor, where the children's part is located.


The children's part of the museum has two parts: a toy museum and a scientific part. Discoveries from the fields of astronomy, mathematics, physics, biology and psychology are presented here in an interactive way. The visual solutions of the exhibits bring science closer to small visitors in a practical way through the use of the exhibits themselves as the subject of experiments. In any case, the children will enjoy it.


Namely, in this museum you can see old TVs, refrigerators, the first computers, but also the entire dental office from earlier centuries, while at the same time you can measure your weight on Mars and move among the planets of the solar system.



Museum of Illusion



We were in the Museum of Illusions and stopped believing with our own eyes!


With a real wealth of exhibits and fun and attractive tricks, which, on its almost 400 square meters, is offered by the Museum of Illusions, learn something about sight, perception, human brain and scientific explanations behind illusions, to understand why eyes see things the brain does not. understands.


The Museum of Illusions is another destination in a series that offers educational attractions for children in Belgrade, and it is not surprising that it has become one of the city's favorite destinations.

Explore the world of illusions, experience the impossible and don't forget to bring your favorite camera! We offer you an intriguing sensory and educational experience with a handful of new, interesting and as yet unseen illusions!



Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina in Novi Sad



For a long time, this Museum has been cultivating a program for the youngest with which it wants to bring contemporary art closer to children and to affirm children's art, providing a new space for nurturing and improving the creative potential of children. Thus, preschool children, as well as older students, have direct contact with works and tendencies of contemporary art. For this purpose, theoretical education is organized by the Museum in the form of conducting and talking with children about current exhibitions.

The workshop programs are flexible, adapted to the Museum's exhibition program. Practical education includes professional help and support, through group work, as well as emphasizing new techniques or a creative approach to known techniques of artistic expression in order to get acquainted with new topics.



Svilajnac Nature Center



This is the place where the original exhibits from the settlement about 10,000 years old excavated at the Djerdap site are exhibited, and you will see the skeletons of one of the oldest inhabitants of Lepenski vir, the remains of captured animals, the remains of dogs and wolves, and two Neolithic figurines.





Upstairs is a replica of the skeleton of the largest mammoth found in our area ("Mammoth Kika"), extinct about 10,000 years ago, which is in a "lying position" in the center, just as it was found in the clay pit of the factory "Toza Markovic" in Kikinda, at depths of 21 meters.



And when you go out to the park you will think that you are back in the Jurassic era…


Here are just a few of the best and most visited children's museums in our country. It is encouraging that other museums and galleries are following this trend of popularizing the preservation and display of cultural and historical heritage among children and young people.

We warmly recommend the Children's Departments - clubs that exist in the National Museum in Belgrade, the Museum of African Culture, the Ethnographic Museum and other institutions.

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