Top 10 books for the perfect summer vacation

Top 10 books for the perfect summer vacation

Summer is upon us. Some look forward to the sea, some to the mountains, and some simply to a break from work. On the beach, in the meadow, by the river or in the yard, wherever you go on vacation, "take" a book with you. Because a good book is always the best company.

And what will be good to read this summer? Srbija shop, an online store of Serbian products, has prepared excellent books for recommendation.

#1 Hippie – Paulo Coelho

In his new novel, relying on his rich life experience, Paulo Coelho takes us back to the past. He brought the dreams of his hippie generation to life through the character of Paulo, a Brazilian young man who wants to become a writer and to find a deeper meaning in his life on a journey. First, she goes on the famous "death train" to Bolivia, then to Peru, then hitchhikes through Chile and Argentina, and finally arrives in Amsterdam, where she meets hippies, but also the Dutch woman Carla, who finds in him the ideal companion to accompany her on the famous hippies' pilgrimage to Nepal They embark on a 'magic bus' that travels through Europe and Central Asia via Istanbul...

#2 A Man Called Uwe – Fredrik Buckmann

If you still haven't read this masterpiece, which has sold more than 3 million copies, Srbija shop recommends that you do so as soon as possible. Uve jangrizalo, one of those who point the finger at people he doesn't like, simply "the embittered neighbor from hell". But behind his grumpiness and excessive pedantry hides a story and a lot, a lot of sadness...

#3 Solunska 28 – Dr. Nele Karajlić

After enthralling us with his debut "Fajront in Sarajevo", Nele Karajlić is now telling us the story of one house, one city and two worlds. This is a story about Belgrade from the beginning of the twentieth century that will simply leave you speechless.

#4 In the Shadow of the Olive - Lucinda Riley

From the author of the bestselling book of the "Seven Sisters" series, we have a wonderful and warm summer story about beautiful Helena, a wonderful house and an unforgettable summer. There is a saying that says that everyone who comes to Pandora for the first time must fall in love... And how that unforgettable story unfolded and ended, find out for yourself.

#5 Before We Were Yours - Lisa Wingate

Find out why this book has been on the New York Times bestseller list for 47 weeks, and why it has sold over a million and a half copies. The novel is based on true events and weaves a story of love and secrets that take their toll.


#6 With Every Breath – Nicholas Sparks

From the printing press straight to the virtual shelves of Srbija shop in March of this year, the latest novel by Nicholas Sparks delighted all those who loved "The Notebook" and "Nights in Rodante". In the most beautiful romantic tradition, Sparks tells us this time about a chance meeting that will become a lifelong measure of love for two completely different people. Find out how long a dream can last by exploring the countless faces of love.

#7 One murder in the Patriarchate - Nenad Novak Stefanović

For fans of suspenseful stories, our online store highly recommends the domestic thriller by the author of the bestseller "Murder in Captain Mishina". The search for the murderer of Professor Lukić will lead investigator Krsta Pavlović from the boarding school for young Orthodox, Dom Svetog Sava, through the hidden tunnels of the Kalemegdan fortress, all the way to the monastery cells in Mileseva. Solving the case of a mysterious murder, Krsta will find himself at the threshold of a secret, kept for centuries within the Serbian Orthodox Church...

#8 Caveman - Jern Lear Horst

Another fresh thriller with which Jern Lear Horst showed that he is among the leading writers of the crime genre. Just three houses from the inspector, a dead man had been sitting in front of the TV on for four months. Viggo Hansen was inconspicuous during his life, his death did not make the headlines, but it did attract the attention of Wisting's daughter, journalist Lina. She wants to write a story about loneliness for the Christmas issue and begins to investigate Hansen's life…

#9 Life without ticks - Vedrana Rudan

At the end of last year, Vedrana Rudan pleased us with a new collection of columns in which she writes about men, women, and above all about her favorite bloodsuckers - children. In her recognizable style and in a humorous way, the author confronts us with the many problems that life in the "family circle" brings. Are small children only future big bastards, you will find the answer in her new book "Life without ticks".


#10 Sounds from the submarine - Marija Jovanović

Finally, our online store of Serbian products highly recommends Marija Jovanović's latest novel, which was published in February this year. If you liked "Spletkarenje sa ovidno došuma", her wonderful first novel, the end of which we all shed tears, you will also like Maria's new story, in which the main character Đorđe also dives into his past and soul. Discovering such astonishing revelations not only about himself but also about the woman who, as he realized too late, was suffocating in her marriage under the weight of unspoken and unexpressed emotions, unsuccessfully trying to achieve deep, true communication with him.

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