Rakija / Brandy is a traditional alcoholic beverage produced by distilling fermented fruits or grains. It is very popular in many countries, but it is especially well-known and appreciated in Serbia. This drink is part of Serbian culture and tradition and has a very important place in customs and celebrations.

Serbia is famous for its rakija, which has been an integral part of Serbian culture and tradition since ancient times. In addition, Serbia is one of the countries that produces the best brandy in the whole world. As in other countries, different types of rakija are produced in Serbia, including plum rakija, grape rakija, quince rakija, apricot rakija, William rakija and others.


The production of brandy in Serbia has a long tradition, which is passed down from generation to generation. The process of making rakija in Serbia is very important, and it is often done according to old recipes that are passed down from generation to generation. Each region in Serbia has its own specific tradition and way of producing rakija, which is one of the reasons why Serbian rakija is so appreciated.



Čokanji and čutura/flask are traditional containers used for storing and serving rakija.




Chokanji are smaller vessels, usually made of glass or ceramic, used to serve rakija at family celebrations and other festivities.






Čutura are larger containers, usually made of a wooden barrel, which are used to store rakija for a long time. Rakija that is stored in a flask is usually considered better and of higher quality than that served from a bottle.




In addition, Serbian brandy is often consumed as an aperitif or digestif, along with essential bites of homemade dried meat, cheese, sauerkraut and other traditional dishes. It is also often used medicinally, to relieve stomach upsets or as a natural remedy for colds and flu.


In short, rakija is an indispensable part of Serbian culture and tradition, which has been produced and consumed for centuries. It is known for its high quality and variety, and is an important symbol of Serbian hospitality and tradition.

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