Black Rosary With Black Pearls

Šifra: S-193-2

Brand: Pravoslavne Brojanice

In our brojanica shop you can find a very beautiful white serbian orthodox prayer rope, which you can now order online. 

1,99 USD
Temporarily sold out


The serbian orthodox prayer rope is mainly a monastic devotion. Prayer ropes are most commonly made of 33 knots but also 50, 100 or 300 knot ropes are used. The prayer rope is in Serbian called a “brojanica”, the Russians call it “chotki” or “komboskini” and the Greeks call it “kombostini.”. A prayer rope can be worn as a bracelet in the case of the 33 knot version or a necklace in the case of the longer versions mostly worn in monastic circles.

Most commonly Serbs will wear the 33 knot “brojanica” in which each knot is formed with 7 separate crosses. 



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