Šifra: E-146-39

Brand: Riznica nacionalnog blaga

The metal parts of this icon for Slava are gilded with 24-karat gold, which is the finest and purest gold on the market.


The icon is modeled on Byzantine icon painting. Byzantine icon paintings are the oldest and most detailed icon paintings in the history of Christianity, which means that this icon contains everything, even the smallest details, which were passed down from generation to generation by icon painters since ancient times.


An icon that will decorate the wall of your home and glorify the saint who is the guardian of your home. Make your home more beautiful, and fame more cheerful!

In addition to the celebratory purpose, you can also give it to someone as a benevolent gift and protection for the family to whom it is presented.

59,49 USD


  • The icon is in the frame
  • Dimensions: 41x33
  • It contains a certificate of the National Treasure Treasury
  • 24 carat gold plating of metal parts
  • The icons are not sanctified!


According to Christianity, the icon should be kept on the east wall of the house!


According to the calendar of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Saints Joachim and Anna are celebrated on September 22.


Saint Joachim and Anna, according to Christian and Islamic tradition, were the parents of the Virgin Mary, that is, the grandparents of Jesus. The name of Mary's mother is not mentioned anywhere in the canonical gospels or the Koran.


According to tradition, Saint Joachim was a descendant of King David, and Anna was a descendant of High Priest Aaron. Anna was the youngest daughter of Mattan and, when she grew up, she married Joachim in Nazareth. They lived devoutly and often went to the Jerusalem temple to pray.


They lived in marriage for fifty years. According to the understanding and belief of the time, those who did not have children were great sinners, and therefore God denied them children. Likewise, others who had children considered Joachim and Anna unworthy. However, they did not lose hope and faith in God. They prayed day and night that God would make them happy and that He would perform a miracle on them like He once did on Abraham and Sarah, Zechariah and Elizabeth, and that He would give them a child to comfort them in their old age. After a certain time, Anna gave birth to a daughter and named her Maria. Their daughter later gave birth to Christ, and in that way they became God-fathers, i.e. godparents.

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