Šifra: S-85-188

Brand: Slovenska Mitologija

Author:Slovenska mitologija / Slavic mythology



Magnet "PERUN"
The dimensions of the magnet are 10x6.5 cm
6,49 USD




PERUN is the most powerful Slovenian God, the God of princes and knights, the invincible warrior, the creator of lightning and thunder. He protects the national order, maintains order in the Universe, provides victory in battles. Of all the deities, he is in the most direct relationship with men, and as an extremely powerful God, he is revered even by non-Slavic nations. It manages natural phenomena such as rain, lightning, thunder, clouds and the city and affects people's lives. They often associate it with the cults of water, wood and stone. Thunder strikes often with thunder, which from that moment on becomes a sacred, consecrated tree from which statues of deities are made - thereby introducing its spirit into the oak by filling it with divine power.

Perun is armed with a stick, a bow, arrows (lightning) and an ax that is its most important feature, it targets evil people and spirits. He was portrayed as an elderly man sitting, with silver hair and golden beards, as a horseman riding the heavens in battleships, and the noise that real people perceived as thunder.

When they had no temples (reminiscent of Christian churches), the Slavs prayed to Perun under the oak. Of this, the worship of wood - a record, usually oak - has been kept in Christianity. Perun's wooden statues featured signs of the sun, lightning, stone flint, oak fruits and other plants. He held a horn in his hand, and his cap and bits of clothing pointed to the armored warrior.

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