Šifra: S-85-89

Brand: ROD suveniri


Silver plated and patinated pendant.


The size (in the longest part, together with the alcove) is 3.5cm.



13,49 USD


MOKOS was celebrated as the goddess of fertility, mother of gods. Together with Svarog, she is responsible for the creation of the human race. She is the protector of women and household chores, she helps women in labor and protects their children. Many customs celebrate Mokosh as the protector of yarn women. As she was always connected to spindle and distaff, people believed that Mokosh spins the thread of a man's destiny and makes decisions about his life and death.



Pendants, necklaces and medallions ROD ®, inspired by Serbian and Slovenian mythology, are not of precious metal, made of high quality metal alloy based on zinc, aluminum, copper and magnesium, free of lead, tin and nickel (unless `nickel plated 'is especially emphasized). they were then coated with a layer of silver or brass and eventually patinated. Wetting of pendants is not recommended (due to patina).


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