Šifra: S-85-90

Brand: ROD suveniri

Silver plated and patinated pendant.


It is 2.6cm in diameter

12,99 USD


GROMOVNIK binds to Perun, the god of lightning, is especially pronounced in the Eastern Slavs where. like the Iris, it cuts into the door jambs to protect against lightning.


Modern interpretations say that it is a sign of the unity of a family or tribe and even of the unification of the Slavs, as it depicts people holding hands around a hearth.




Pendants, necklaces and medallions ROD ® inspired by Serbian and Slovenian mythology are not of precious metal, made of high quality metal alloy based on zinc, aluminum, copper and magnesium, free of lead, tin and nickel (unless particularly emphasized `nickel '). then they were coated with a layer of silver and eventually patinated.

Wetting of pendants is not recommended (due to patina).

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