Šifra: F-1-692

Brand: Partizan

Delight the little fans with the FK Partizan away jersey for children - an authentic piece that combines tradition and top quality from the renowned Puma brand. In distinctive burgundy-blue colors, this jersey not only supports your favorite club, but also encourages a love for the sport from the earliest days.


The perfect gift for little ones, it promises not only comfort during sports activities, but also a big smile on the child's face. Encourage a love of football from a young age with this unique jersey.

86,49 USD



  • The original kid's jersey of the football club Partizan
  • Away jersey
  • Material: polyester
  • Brand: Puma
  • An ideal gift for all little fans



  • Color: burgundy-blue
  • Puma logo, Partizan coat of arms, as well as the flag of Serbia on the back



  • Turn it inside out: Before putting it in the machine, turn the jersey inside out. This helps protect the colors and print during washing.
  • Remove stains by hand: If you notice stains, it is recommended to treat them by hand before washing. Use a mild detergent and gently rub the stain.
  • Follow label instructions: Check the jersey label for the manufacturer's specific washing instructions. Some fabrics and details require special treatment.
  • Cold water: Use cold water to preserve the colors and prevent the material from shrinking. Avoid hot water to reduce the risk of fading.
  • Avoid fabric softener: Some recommend avoiding fabric softener as it can reduce the fabric's ability to absorb sweat and can damage the print or markings.
  • Do not machine dry: If possible, air dry the jersey. Dry air helps to preserve the elasticity of the material and avoid possible shrinkage. If you use a dryer, set it to low heat.

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