Šifra: S-85-172

Brand: ROD suveniri

The sculptures are 12cm high.

Made of plaster-filled slices, hand-cast, painted and patinated.

Each has an author logo, a ROD trademark and an original package with a description in two languages.

The sculptures are protected by the Intellectual Property Office.

16,49 USD13,49 USD
Akcija traje od 08.02.2023. 09:00 do 11.02.2023. 08:00




All civilizations were originally matriarchal but at one point it was replaced by patriarchy. And they all have stories about the Goddess Mother who gave birth to the world. Roda (or stork) is the view on this principle from the perspective of the Slavs.

Goddess Roda is directly responsible for the fertility of humans and animals, she ensures that all female beings get their offsprings. She gives souls to the newborn children and cubs. Her maids are called „Roždanice“ (the birth fairies“ that donate characteristics to the newborn, and together they are trying to save a child from the evil demons of disease.

To this day, Roda (Stork) remained the messenger of good luck and prosperity. Every spring with her arrival she starts the cycle of life and brings birth of the flowering nature. Even today, the Slavs believe that destroing the stork’s nest will bring the bad luck, and there is a belief that the stork "brings children".

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