Šifra: S-85-1

Brand: Slovenska Mitologija

Author:Slovenska mitologija / Slavic mythology

Introducing the world's first chess set inspired by slavic mythology! Chess board of non-standard dimensions 60x60 cm, figures of silver and bronze color with figures of the gods of Serbian Slavic mythology.


An original and unusual game that will take you to a wonderful mythological world!


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Before you are the deities of Serbian (Slavic) mythology, ready to start a fight on the chessboard.

But that's not all!


Each of the figurines is designed as a unique national souvenir, a unique and original gift and is there to remind you of our glorious and rich past.


You will get to know the forgotten gods and mythological creatures as they were seen by the sculptor Jovan Petronijević, whose work is the author's work.


The figures are made of resin, filled with plaster, they are cast from a mold, by hand, and the final treatment - painting and patination - is also done by hand.


The chess board is of non-standard dimensions 60x60 cm, handcrafted from ash wood, and designed to fit perfectly with our chess pieces. With the height of the figures ranging from 8 to 13 cm, depending on their role, they are available in two colors (silver and bronze), this is the perfect decorative chess and souvenir that will evoke the richness of Slavic mythology.


Each one has a stamp and signature of the author (his logo).

The pieces, like the whole chess, are protected by the Intellectual Property Office.


Each set is accompanied by a certificate signed by the author, as well as a story about the gods in Serbian and English.


This is primarily a decorative chess, a souvenir that should evoke the richness of Slavic mythology.

Keep in mind that the figures may break if handled roughly and carelessly, do not throw them, hit each other and press them.


Have a look, how the chess looks like: 

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